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10 Week Course | Tuesdays
April 03, 2018 to June 05, 2018
AT For location please call 800.522.2252
PRICE: $101 – $120
Kabbalah 1 taught you that life does not happen to us, we create our own reality. We are the cause; we never become the effect. Spirituality means that we are in control of our own reality.In... read more
8 Weeks | Tuesdays
June 19, 2018 to August 07, 2018
AT For location please call
PRICE: $101 – $120
The study of reincarnation is about uncovering the reason we came to this world. Kabbalists teach our purpose in this lifetime is to grow, transform, and make the necessary corrections – also known... read more
“Any action we create with ego will not last. Only what is created with great humility will last forever.” ~Michael… https://t.co/SljqGfgQys 9 months 1 week ago


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